Redline Monitors:

-Our Monitors range from 2-channel up to a 24-channel. In-between we have a 4-channel, 8-channel and 16-Channel. You can specify Color of strobe: Red, Blue and Amber. You can also request AC Power Cord or hole and cord grip on the monitors.  Click link for list of monitors


Wireless H2S Heads:

- H2S heads operates 2.4 gig radios for international approvals. Unit is powered by 6 AA batteries, depending on request. If it’s a solar panel Wireless H2S head the unit will be powered by rechargeablebatteries. The unit has non intrusive calibration done with a magnet so you will not need to open the lid. Heads report to the monitor every five minutes to show active heads, and if gas is seen it reports every five seconds setting the alarms off at the monitor. The sensor used is an electrochemical and therefore other gases can be detected using different types of sensors on request. All our wireless H2S heads work with all our monitors. Click The Link Below to view our wireless H2S heads.